Saturday, October 1, 2011


SOFT AND FULL MID-LENGTH BOB: This style features long layers throughout that blend in so the resulting style is smooth. Bangs and face framing soften the eye area and keep your attention there. Fun and flirty, this style will last all day and into the night!
Suitable for:
Face shapes: oval, square, round, heart, diamond
Hair texture: fine, medium or coarse
Hair density: thin, average to thick
Maintenance: high
Time: 20-30 minutes
Techniques: Blow dry
Products: volumizing mousse for fine or medium hair, smoothing gel for coarse hair, Slick Works by Paul Mitchell, finishing hairspray and shine spray
Styling Steps:
1. Apply mousse or gel according to hair type.
2. Part hair above right eyebrow and back toward the crown.
3. Following the instructions on the label, apply a very small amount of Slick Works from the middle of the hair through the ends. Avoid getting the product close to the roots or your hair will be limp and look greasy.
4. Blow dry hair almost completely.
5. Section hair in horizontal layers.
6. Starting in the back on the bottom, wrap the hair around a large round brush.
7. Blow dry with hot air from roots outward to smooth the hair. Spray with a little hairspray and let cool on the brush to help hold the curl.
8. In bang area, start on the right at the roots and roll the brush down and across the forehead.
9. Spray the completed style with a little finishing hairspray.
10. Following the instructions on the label, finish with a small mist of shine spray in the very ends, making sure to avoid the roots so the style isn’t weighed down or greasy looking.

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