Friday, October 7, 2011

Mystery surrounds Ra One Toronto Premiere - Latest Bollywood News

The year’s biggest release - Ra One, The biggest stars in Bollywood - Shahrukh Khan and Kapoor, The biggest question on everyone’s mind - Is it or Isn’t it?

If you are amongst the many wondering, Will Shahrukh and Kareena’s superhero Diwali bonanza be coming to Toronto for its big premiere? The answer so far is possibly.

Social networking sites have been a buzz for weeks now with Toronto being rumoured to one of be venues for the film’s world premieres across the globe along with London and Dubai - however with just under three weeks to go, no affirmative confirmation has as of yet been made for a Premiere in Toronto.

From what we know so far, Oct 26 appears to be the likely date for a premiere in Toronto.

The festive period of Diwali is one for family, friends, fun and frolic and with umpteen events happening all across the city, the premiere if announced or confirmed last minute will surely face some serious competition to find space amongst an already crowded festival calendar. Proper planning and due notice are a must during this busy season as haphazardness will only lead to chaos and confusion.

From a purely commercial standpoint - the limited time for promotion, marketing and media coverage could severely constraint its outreach perhaps making it a losing proposition for those involved.

Also Shahrukh has been on a promotional overdrive for Ra One with events almost everyday in Mumbai for the film’s promotions leading to a certain case of overexposure for the King Khan, not that anyone is complaining but it is something to be considered.

The premiere of a Diwali Bonanza like Ra One with Shahrukh Khan as G-One should be the grandest spectacle Toronto has ever seen as the city deserves nothing but the biggest and the best.

Now, let’s hope things aren’t left to chance till the very last minute as even a superhero wouldn’t be able to save the day then.

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