Friday, October 7, 2011

Love Breakups Zindagi - Movie Reviews

Love. Dates. Marriage. Commitments. Relationships. Do we ever ponder on what we leave behind, as we move ahead in life? Not many of us introspect. But LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI, a slice of life film, makes you recall certain episodes of your life. Though the film isn't biographical, one does relate to certain episodes in the narrative for two reasons -- they seem straight out of life and of course, first-time writer-director Sahil Sangha makes an effort to tell it with utmost honesty and simplicity. But, unfortunately, he succeeds to a degree!

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Sangha seems to be focused on telling a story, sorry two stories [Zayed-Dia-Vaibhav and Cyrus-Tisca], without magnifying the issues or relying on melodrama. While Sangha sets things up beautifully in the first hour -- the film has some remarkable sequences that have been filmed with lots of sensitivity -- it's the post-interval portions that blow away the impact generated by those riveting moments. There are reasons why the second half doesn't measure up to the expectations: [i] it relies on clich├ęs, [ii] the climax, though well filmed, is way too predictable and of course, [iii] the film is toooo long [almost 2.40 hours] and worse, sluggish and dawdling paced.

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