Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facial Exercises To Tighten The Skin - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Facial Exercises To Tighten The SkinAre you worried about the sagging skin on your neck which is making you look ten to fifteen years older than you really are?
You can tighten the skin on your neck skin easily to get back your youthful looks. You must have noticed the sagging skin in other people and wondered whether you will also look that way when you get to be their age. If you act now, the skin on your neck need not sag. The problem is merely because of the fat under your chin which has loosened the skin over time.
Remember that the skin on your neck is quite different from the skin on your face or on other parts of your body. Your face has a structure based on the bones, and thus the skin sits tightly over your facial bones.
Since your neck doesn’t have any bone structure like that underneath your face, the skin gets loose when you age. Since fat accumulates in the tissues underneath the neck, the skin is stretched out leaving an aged look. Remember that your neck actually ages much faster than your face.
How can you get rid of the sagging skin on your neck? Are there any facial exercises which are effective? Yes, there are some exercises which in fact are aimed towards this neck skin which will give you good results within a week without your incurring huge costs.
In the privacy of your bedroom, try the following exercise to tighten the skin on your neck; you can expect speedy results. Lie down flat on your back on your bed, and let your head hang down from the edge of the bed. Slowly lift your head until your chin touches your chest. Hold this position for ten seconds and then relax, with the head hanging down again towards the floor. This exercise should be repeated ten times daily to find results within a week.
Another exercise is to similarly lie down flat on the bed, with your head hanging down over the edge of the bed. Now, gently lift up your head towards your body and hold the position for ten counts. Now relax, bring your head down and let it hang down towards the floor. Repeat this exercise ten times.

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