Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aging Skin Care | Prevention - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Aging Skin Care: Prevention
When we are young it seems to us that youth will last forever. It’s pity that biological clock never stops and you can see the first wrinkles on your face when you are only 25 years old. Numerous cosmetic institutes work on a problem of aging skin care. But so radical methods like laser cosmetology or surgeon’s scalpel are very expensive and risky. The question is if there are any safe therapies in aging skin care.
Hormones from plants. Do you know that there are some hormones in vegetable products for aging skin care? Of course, influence of such hormones is rather weak in aging skin care in comparison with animal hormones. Such products for aging skin care include vegetable estrogen and require 2 or 3 month of use. This is a long time but providing aging skin care in this way you’ll do no harm for your health.
Vitamins. Vitamin A is widely used in aging skin care because it stimulates generation of collagen, defends skin from sunshine and normalizes condition of skin. Vitamin C is also important in aging skin care as it potentizes vitamin A. It also prevents formation of pigment spots. Vitamin E is also one of the most needed vitamins for aging skin care. It keeps skins moisture and defends from free radicals. In aging skin care vitamin H is important – it makes skin smooth. For aging skin care of dry skin you need vitamin B3. There are some tips in aging skin care: in order to prevent premature aging include in your meals products which contain such vitamins.
Fruit acid. Fruit acids became a part of aging skin care not long ago but they are very popular now. Acids help to remove died off skin sells just like peeling. One more advantage of fruit acids in aging skin care is that they stimulate generation of collagene.
Such skin care products like hormones from plants, vitamins and fruit acids are the most popular in aging skin care. But nevertheless, it’s always better to prevent than to treat. So use not only professional aging skin care, but also natural skin care, which is effective and much safer than surgery.

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