Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Salman Fights On!

V/S Sanjay Dutt
It was his long-time best bud, Sanjay Dutt, who was caught in the crossfire at his wife Manyata's birthday bash, even though eyewitnesses claimed Sanju – who wasn't around when Sallu hit out at Bunty Walia – continued to party with Salman, long after the filmmaker left the bash. But cracks in the friendship appeared when Sanju hosted a special dinner party for Sallu's rival SRK, along with Bunty, the very next day. And when pictures of Sanju and SRK hugging each other were splashed across the following day's newspapers, insiders saw it as a message to Salman that Sanjay had other friends – especially as it was the first time SRK had been invited for dinner at Sanju's house.
V/S Bunty Walia
Sallu and Bunty have been at loggerheads ever since the filmmaker and the actor's younger brother's business partnership went kaput. And things came to a head at Manyata Dutt's recent birthday bash, when Sallu approached the director for a 'chat', with a bash-goer, revealing, "The verbal spat got so loud that despite the music, people cold hear the men yelling."
In 2002, Salman disrupted SRK's Chalte Chalte shoot after attempting to patch-up with his ex Ash, which lead to a spat between the Khans, with the two refusing to see eye-to-eye until Farah Khan's wedding in 2004. But in 2008 the boys feel out agin at Kat's birthday bash, and ever since then there's been no hope of a reconciliation.
VS /John Abraham
John found himself in murky waters when he accused Sallu – while touring with him on the Rockstars show in 2006 – of being 'bossy'. Despite this, the two paried up for Babul but avoided one another on set. And now, Sallu says he'll never work with John again, even refusing him a part in Ek Tha Tiger.
V/S Bipasha Basu
By virtue of being John Abraham's the then girl friend, Bipasha too became an enemy of the actor. But that changed when Bips split from John and during the 2010 IIFA in Sri Lanka, the actress was invited to Sallu's private bash – for now sealing their tentative truce.
V/S Shahid Kapoor
Just like John, Shahid also ticked off Salman during the Rockstars tour when he – at the time still a newcomer – advised Sallu on how to perform on stage. "Salman like his juniors to respect him. Obviously he wasn't going to appreciate a four-film-old Shahid giving him tips," said a source. And even though Shahid appeared on Sallu's show, Dus Ka Dum, the star was said to have cold-shouldered his young rival.
V/S Vivek Oberoi
This feud dates back to when Vivek was still a B-wood newbie and called press conference in April 2003 to reveal that Sallu had threatened him for dating Salman's ex, Ash. Since then, Salman has not forgiven Vivek, even though the actor has tried many times to make peace.
V/S Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
There has been a lot of bad blood between this pair, eve since Ash's 2002 insistence that, "I stood by Salman, enduring his alcoholic misbehavior and in turn I was at the receiving end of his abuse, infidelity and indignity." And he was even rumoured to have attempted to sabotage her movie career by stopping director's from hiring her.

V/S Sanjay Leela Bhansali
There was a time when the two boasted a close friendships, but after Salman's break-up from Ash, Sallu accused the director of exploiting the disabled in Guzaarish, leading Sanjay to hit back – "If such an old and trusted friend can be so insensitive, I don't want anything to do with the industry."
V/S Abhinav Kashyap
Although rumours of conflict emerged from the set of Dabangg, after the movie became a massive blockbuster hit, everyone conveniently forgot about the row, only for it to reignite when one-film-old, Abhinav, refused to do the sequel, apparently claiming that he didn't want to fight it out with the "bossy" Khans all over again.
V/S Anees Bazmee
It's not just his peers who've faced Salman's wrath, even filmmakers, haven't been spared. Ready dirctor, Aneez Bazmee, faced some major problems during the Bangkok leg of the movie, even abandoning the shoot mid-way through and returning to Mumbai, leaving choreographer, Raju Khan, to wrap up the scenes.
According to one insider, "Salman and Anees argued over Ready co-producer Rajat Rawail, who the director was trying to protect." And Salman later insisted he'd directed parts of the movie, declarations many believed were aimed at upsetting Anees.
V/S Hrithik Roshan
After Salman made an unflattering comment about Bhansali's Guzaarish, the movie's lead actor, Hrithik Roshan, didn't take the comments lying down. "It's not heroic to laugh or make fun of a filmmaker just because his box office collections are not up there with yours," he sniped, later texting Salman withan apology. And after Khan responded "all is well," there has been no ill will between the two… for now…
V/S Katrina Kaif
Known to stay pals with all his exes – barring Ash, of course – Kat has rekindled her friendship with Salman, but only after the actor made things uncomfortable for Kat after stories of her romance with Ranbir Kapoor surfaced. But, when her romance with Ranbir fizzled out, shoulder to cry on and the two have remained good friends ever since – even reuniting romantically on – screen for Ek Tha Tiger and Karan Johar's as-yet-untitled film.

Is Sallu Following In SRK's Footsteps?
Industry insiders are claiming that it's Salman's sudden rise to fame, thanks to two back-to- back hits Dabangg and Ready, that has given him a seeming sense of invincibility and entitlement.
"It was his lazy, unprofessional attitude on the set of Bodyguard that delayed the film's completion, and in turn stalled Ek Tha Tiger by 10 days at lest," spilled a source. And Bollywood-watchers have compared his bizarre behavior with that of Shah Rukh Khan, who had also fought with his close friends after being crowned the King of Bollywood.
"Didn't Shah Rukh start picking on his friends while he was at the top?"
Asked one. "When you achieve success too soon, your sensibility wears off." Adding, "Salman has never tasted such success before, so he is bound to get carried away."

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