Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet the characters in SRK's Ra.One - Latest Bollywood Gossips

Meet the characters in SRK's Ra.One


Shah Rukh Khan has been going all out to promote his upcoming film sci-fi film Ra.One. For the past few days, the star has been seen aggressively promoting the film on every possible platform. Bollywood Hungama profiles the main characters in SRK's highly awaited film. Read on to know more…


G.One aka The Good one is the G series - x 555 Videogame Superhero with the sole objective to protect Lucifer (Prateek Subramanium). With properties including the Kinematics - @ 1,86,282 MPZ per second. The dude's got speed! He can cruise faster than a blink of your 'peep-lid'. For senior folks the term is eye-lids, Invigorated electrical component which energizes up to 174PW. (1PW = 1015Zatts) Vocal apparatus is equipped with cognitive ability to interpret 400 languages. Demodulating Sonic Frequencies from the macrocosm that apprises him of impending danger, Retinal Broadcasting Pixel empowered with a radiation scanner and X-ray vision. G.One controls the art of ' Controlled Probability' and G.One can fly.

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