Friday, September 30, 2011

Skin Care Treatment Ideas - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Skin Care Treatment Ideas
The first principle of skin care treatment is to become and stay healthy. Skin must be always beautiful, so take into account all the range of skin care treatment procedures. Don’t regret anything just if a procedure is unknown to you. There are a lot of skin care treatment procedures and they are affordable for most people. But anyway, skin care treatment must be provided only by specialists.
Chemical skin care treatment. In this case special substances destroy chemical bonds between skin cells and remove keratinized layer. It makes you skin very smooth, but can cause allergy and reddening. Chemical skin care treatment can remove scars, spots in skin and warts.
Cryotherapy as skin care treatment kills cells and is an effective treatment for warts, age-related skin formation and spots, which usually appear on hands and face, and also bulging veins. In this skin care treatment dry ice is mostly used, especially for scars after pimples.
Such skin care treatment as dermabrasion is used to remove scars after inflammations, small and big birthmarks. It even gives some results in removing wrinkles. A patient gets a sedative or trankviliastor. Then the area, which will be treated, is instantiated, cooled and cleaned with water and soap and then with alcohol. Then the area will be freezed and peeled. The next skin care treatment can be provided after 4 weeks.
Electrocoagulation is one more effective skin care treatment. High-frequency oscillations ruin tissues and a result depends on how strong current is. This skin care treatment is used for damaged blood vessels on face and legs. It can be also used for warts removing.

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