Friday, September 30, 2011

Hum Tum Shabana - Movie Reviews

Is HUM TUM SHABANA a present-day adaptation of David Dhawan's immensely likeable DEEWANA MASTANA? That's what a lot of people seem to be asking me online. Call it a coincidence, but two guys chasing one girl isn't new to Hindi movies. Coincidences apart, both HUM TUM SHABANA and DEEWANA MASTANA are poles apart when it comes to the plotline and the way the screenplay unfolds.

Helmed by Sagar Ballary, HUM TUM SHABANA tilts more towards the GOLMAAL brand of non-stop laughathons than the BHEJA FRY variety, which Ballary is known for. Ballary shifts lanes this time, attempting a madcap entertainer that throws logic out of the window. He opts for a plot that abounds in ludicrous situations, with a twist in the tale towards the post-interval portions. But it is this twist that blows the impact created by an immensely watchable first hour.

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At the cost of repeating myself, I wish to state that comedy is serious business and making people laugh in those two hours is a herculean task. HUM TUM SHABANA may not be the most inventive film made in Bollywood, but, yes, it delivers what it promises -- loads of laughter -- at least in the first hour. But how one wishes the post-interval portions were as rip-roaring funny, since that's what you carry home when the movie concludes.

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