Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ra.One's Music Leaked One Days Before Release

Two days before the audio release of Shah Rukh Khan's film Ra.One, the entire music album has been leaked online. Reacting to the illegal release, the actor said, "How sad it is that someone somewhere has no regard for our labour of love. Five years of work and they put it on net so callously. Extremely sad."

The music company has decided to take action against the culprit. Vinod Bhanushali of T-Series said, "One cannot really know from the music has leaked but we will definitely find out the IP address and make sure that strong action is taken against that person. Although a lot of damage has been done we will be filing a case with the cyber cell."

Industry sources said, "Music CDs of films are often circulated to mobile companies and for other marketing tie-ups and there can be a possibility of it being copied by someone."

Bhanushali added, "The way it has been done looks like that the person has played a mischief and is not really a professional pirate. All the same we have to stop this. So much effort and money has gone into the making of the songs and some psycho has gone out and put it online."

Music director of the film Vishal Dadlani has appealed to people not to encourage piracy. He tweeted: "Show ur support for Ra.One & SRK. Don't download illegally."

The music launch of the movie will be held in Film City at the Reliance Studio with over 700 people attending it. A source from the unit said, "The entire unit including Kareena Kapoor and Shah Rukh will be performing and the entire concert will be telecast live on television network."

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