Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Mein Gum - Review


Yesterday I got time to watch highly hyped movie Love Mein Ghum at DHA Cinema Lahore. I was accompanied by my mother who was keen to watch it. In fact, director, producer and actress Reema Khan spent too much on publicity of her flick that everyone is having a desire not to miss this star-studded movie.
Film starts with commentary that is unusual in Lollywood films. It has been filmed in Kuala Lampur  Malaysia. Reema has played a chrisitian girl Maria Joseph alias Zindagi (life). She works as assistant librarian in a university at KL. Nabeel Khan and Anayeda are students who are mutually interested and are very active in the campus. They always tease and taunt Reema who is a very simple girl. Reema loves Wilson (Nabeel Khan) and wants to get response from him. Ali Saleem has played a boutique owner lady. She is a close friend of Zindagi. Johnny Lever (Sukhia) and Rambo are Reema’s colleagues. Reema gets hurt by Nabeel Khan and attempts suicide.
Moammer Rana (Ali) is son of a rich businessman Jawed Sheikh (Haroon) who is married to a young girl Jia Ali (Sheza). Sheza seduces Ali but he always rejects her. In a rage, she traps him and his father kicks him out of his house and life. He leaves his dad’s home with a broken heart and commits suicidal attempt.
Nadeem has played as Dr. Kanwal. He is a close friend of Haroon who is running his own hospital. Both Ali and Zindagi are brought to that hospital where Dr. Kanwal treats them and bring them back into life. What happens next is very clear.
Beautiful locations, nice editing and screenplay and superb performances by all actors are USP of the movie. The only drawback is simple story that does not have twists. Jia Ali’s character could have been made further strong. Jawed Sheikh is fit in his role. Nadeem is merely a guest actor. he should not do such roles in future. Ali Saleem has done a great job indeed and he looks nice in his role. Johnny Lever and Rambo have succeeded in bringing smiles to the viewers. Nabeel Khan is a good addition in Lollywood. Anayeda also performed very well.
Reema once again proved as a superstar in her leading role. Her direction is awesome and she has handled a weak storyline with excel. Moammer Rana is the BEST ACTOR in Love Mein Ghum. No match to his powerful and mind blowing performance. I loved his acting especially in the tragic song before interval. No doubt, he has given his best.
‘Love Mein Ghum’ is a film to watch. The ending song makes you thrill. Saqib Malik has done a great job by directing the title song of movie.

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