Thursday, September 15, 2011

Match Your Face And Body Features With Makeup – Latest Makeup Trend For Summer 2011

At the on set of summer season all, things to be changed as dress, diet, colors and whole lifestyle is changed. With all these changes the changes also occur in makeup styles and trends. When we talk about makeup trends it means the application of such make which not only matches your face and body features but according to the new styles used by celebrities and buticians. These will change every year and the change occurs not only in their colors but also in their use.

The trendy summer make up should not only with the fashion but also with the seasonal demands. Summer makeup is bit difficult to handle due to the effects of heat which not only cause the perspiration but also open the pores and the extent of perspiration is different at different parts of the face. So the make up applied with the same texture get into patches if not handled with care. So instead of increasing the beauty it will become a hindering factor in beauty.

*The make trend in these summer is changed a bit from neutral to bright bold make up with natural look. Now the following trends re to be seen in this season.

*The foundations used are not of matte contents but with some glossy ingredients to add glow to the skin. The translucent powder used for this purpose after foundation also have the shimmers touch.

*The eye make up is the most important in gorgeous look.
*The eye shadows used in summer also with pinkish shades and al these shades as green blue according to the overall make up colors and dressing should be     shimmers.
*The eyes lashes are curled with black coating are in fashion. The eyeliner used is also in form thin line with the edge of eye lid.

*The eye liner used us in different colors as blue green and bright pink. To give the fresh look in the season.
*The lipsticks used in this season are not in matte colors but bright colors as orange, pink. Red shades   according to the shades of other makeup.
*It is in trend to choose the lighter colors of lipsticks of makeup as compared to the eye make up.
*The blushers used again in natural pink color to give the natural look in the season.

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