Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Even

With the war on wrinkles well under way, it's time to tackle another face foe: age spots. Luckily, there are products that can help. With damaging UV levels at their peak in summer, now's the time to try them
From the dusky tones of Naomi Campbell and Beyonce to the golden glow of Eva Longoria; from the peachy sheen of Jennifer Aniston to the porcelain perfection of Cate Blanchett the famous faces we might associate with enviable complexions have one thing in common: even skin tone and texture.
According to a study, the key to skin that is both younger looking and more attractive is evenness.
According to consumer market research, women of all ages and ethnicities, all around the world, are concerned with uneven skin tone.
The increase in environmental stressors such as UV exposure and pollution and harsh cosmetic treatments all affect the skin, acting as a trigger for dark spots and discolouration. When skin is exposed to external assaults it becomes more susceptible to irritation and this reaction can trigger an excess production of (pigment-producing) melanin.
Out, Damn Spot
Traditionally, the only way to get rid of age spots was to remove them with a laser or use prescription-only hydroquinone creams that lighten skin tone and help switch off the overactive melanin-producing cells.
Thankfully, cosmetic companies now offer targeted products that give excellent results with none of the irritation or redness associated with the super-strong creams.
The latest brightening, lightening and radiance-boosting serums feature a combination of plant extracts including mulberry, kojic acid, bearberry (arbutin), lemon and liquorice with vitamin C, yeasts and seaweeds. Their effect is twofold – they lighten existing age spots and pigmentation while also targeting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the excess melanin that could lead to new ones.
These products should be used beneath your everyday moisturiser and in conjunction with a daily SPF (in either your moisturiser or foundation). This is essential because UV exposure can make pigmentation reappear.
Dark spots caused by hyper pigmentation are tenacious and lurk below the surface, waiting to put in an appearance as a result of environmental exposure.
So even after you see existing dark spots diminish, it is important to continue a daily regime featuring an anti-age serum plus an SPF-15 with antioxidants.

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