Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cutting Edge

Don't just dream of Gwyneth Paltrow's sexy hairstyle go out and get it. We tell you how to get your salon to give you Celebritydom's most sought-after locks.

· This cut flatters all face shapes and hair types. But if your hair is very curly, this is as short as you should go.
· It requires time and effort to style: because the hair is neither short nor long, it needs to be told where to go every morning.
· The cut can be boring or bland if it's too blunt. Stacked layers in the back help give it some life.
Liv Tyler
Liv's cut is about as blunt as a haircut can get there are virtually no layers. Ask your stylist to make it collarbone-length in the front and just a touch shorter in the back. You should be able to part it on the side or in the centre, and if it feels too severe, make some gentle waves with a curling iron.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Not all haircuts are meant to look brand-new. Paltrow's style resembles a bob that's been growing out for a few months. To get that effect, ask for a blunt that hits just above the shoulders and has absolutely no layers. Then ask the stylist to thin out the ends with scissors or a razor so they look slightly jagged. A cut like this can be worn wavy or flat ironed pin-straight.
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka has gone shoulder-length, adding to her glamorous look. She has defined features, which are accentuated by a clavicle-grazing cut like this one. The style also complements both Indian and Western outfits, two distinctly different looks that she has to be able to work effortlessly in her films.

· They work on all textures except for curly.
· They're flattering on long, oval and heart-shaped faces.
· Bangs, especially when they're choppy, are a great way to soften a strong jawline.
· They look best when they're long, so they just skim the bottom of the brows and accentuate the eyes.
· They require a trim every three weeks, so they're not for salon slackers.
Penelope Cruz
Thick, softly layered bangs worn to the side are ideal for slightly wavy hair. Be sure to keep all other layers long, or the style will look too shaggy.
Ayesha Takia
These heavy bangs are the perfect way to draw attention to eyes or cheekbones. The bangs should be thick and heavy, and drawn straight across the fact to create more drama.
Reese Witherspoon
These thick, feathery bangs balance a strong face shape. Ask for bangs just even with the eyebrows that are slightly longer in the middle. Then have your stylist cut upward into the last inch of the bangs with thinning shears to give them a choppy look.
Long And Layered
· This style looks good on everyone.
· It's ideal for hair that's medium to thick.
· It accentuates the cheekbones and jawline with the right layering.
· It's built for versatility.
· It's low-maintenance; you don' have to get regular trims.
Shilpa Shetty
This cut adds extra volume to hair, and Shilpa's thick layers lend that extra bit of oomph to her look. Long layers at the top taper down and can be blow-dried straight or upside-down for that windswept look.

Sarah Jessica Parker
This cut is great for curly hair because it helps support the coils and keeps them looking as long and full as possible. Ask for long layers around the head.
Nicole Kidman
Her cut is perfect for very curly hair because the shortest layers aren't too short, which means your hair won't be too poufy. Ask for light layers all over the head that start at the collarbone.

The Bob
· This graphic cut is appealing on every face shape except round then it tends to look stiff, like a helmet.
· It's ideal for straight or wavy hair that's fine to medium in texture.
· It works with sharp, even bangs or disguises overgrown ones, which can be blended into the bob's short layers.
· A bob draws attention to your neck, collarbone and jawline.
Katie Holmes
This jaw-length bob is timeless. To get it, ask that it be slightly shorter in the back with very subtle layering throughout. It should also have bangs that are completely blunt and straight and cut just above the eyebrow. Don't attempt this cut if your hair is not straight, and ask for longer, sideswept bangs if your face is round.
Paris Hilton
To copy this sophisticated bob, request a cut that's just above your shoulders in front and two inches shorter in back. The left side is longer than the right. There are long layers all the way around and throughout the bangs.

Beauty Trend Alert: Show Off Your Curls!
There's something very exciting going on in the world of celeb beauty trends: curly hair is back! And not a few subtle, curled-under ends or soft waves, but gorgeous, full, sexy curls. There are a few things you can do to make your natural texture as frizz-free as these chicas.
1. You absolutely must invest in a great leave-in conditioner. One everyone loves is mixed chicks
2. Don't brush your hair, rub it dry with a towel, or touch your curls while they dry. Any of those are a surefire way to bring out the frizz.
3. To make your curls as defined as Swifts, you'll need a 1-inch curling iron. Take small half inch sections of hair and wrap them around the curling iron.

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