Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Genelia Shocks John
Asin's New Admirer
So Asin has an admirer on the sets of Houseful 2 in London. We hear he wouldn't leave her side throughout the shoot. He's so much in love with the actress that he'd shower her with gifts, teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates and even chocolates with her name inscribed on them. And when it got too cold, he'd hold her hand and keep her warm. Okay, okay. No need to fret about the identity of the lover boy. It was none other than Sajid Nadiawala's nine-year-old son Subhaan. The kiddo absolutely dotes on the actress and the admiration is mutual. She was completely floored by the boy's adulation. And indulged him to the hit.
Genelia Shocks John
Mahima Separated
Speculation that her marriage was on the rocks has been going on for a while. Now we believe Mahima Chaudhry has apparently walked out on her husband Bobby Mukherjee. Sources say that severe differences cropped up between them and it became difficult for the couple to stay together and so they thought it best to separate. Mahima has taken her daughter Aryana with her. The actress however is concerned about her daughter's welfare. She doesn't want her to be dragged into the controversy. With the spotlight on her, Mahima is worried that her daughter may not take it well.
Genelia Shocks John
Bollywood Ban For Sanju's Girl
Just when a whole plethora of star kids are making a beeline for the B-wood spotlight, there emerges a lone famous dad who isn't quite ready to let his little girl enter the big, bad world of movies. But his decision to quash her acting dreams is proving to be ahuge task for veteran Sanjay Dutt, as his 22-year-old daughter Trishala, by his first wife Richa Shamra, is adamant that she'll follow in her daddy's footsteps.
Overprotective Sanju, however, isn't willing to let her follow her dreams, insisting, "I am not encouraging my daughter to work in films. It never happens with the Dutts." Adding, "neither my sisters nor my niece worked in the movies, because that's the way my dad (veteran actor Sunil Dutt) Willed it. Althought Trishala is keen about Bollywood, she can choose a career in forensic science, which she has studied."
Trishala, however, is ignoring her dad's rules and plotting her way into the industry, saying, "Ultimately, it's my decision. I'll do what I think is best for me and what makes me happy." Genelia Shocks John Imran Takes A Break
Talking about holidays, Imran Khan had taken one for over two years now. He didn't even go for his honeymoon. Since he was busy shooting at that time. Avantika understood his predicament and the couple decided to postpone the trip for a later day. Post the super success of Delhi Belly at the box office, the young Khan took his wife on a much deserved three week vacation. The two are now back from Venice, St. Tropez and other sunny climes of Europe. Avantika of course is in seventh heaven, considering she had her husband all to herself. No shooting distractions, no script reading sessions, only masti.
Genelia Shocks John
Curvy Can Also Be Beautiful: Sonakshi
A few days ago, Sonakshi Sinha made news for an unusual reason. A report claimed that director Shirish Kunder had asked the actor to lose weight for an item song in the Akshay Kumar-starrer Joker.
Clearly, Sonakshi isn't amused with the "ridiculous" news. "Such reports come out without checking with Shirish or me. It's in bad taste because you (media) are being personal and ridiculous. If it were true, I wouldn't have five films lined up," says the young actor, adding, "Yes, Shirish has asked me to do a song. And I think it is Genelia Shocks John time to prove that curvy can also be beautiful as well."

Vivek Applies For Pilot License
Vivek Oberoi is on a literal high. The actor recently learnt how to fly a plane for Krissh 2 and now he's hooked. He says, "I'm planning to enroll for a private pilot's license after I complete the mandatory hours of flying. I also plan to buy a small aircraft and park it at my home in Aamby Valley. They have an airstrip too. My enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off on Priyanka (wife) as well. She'll do the course with me."
For the sequel to the Hrithik Roshan film, the Kisna actor learnt to fly a Cessna aircraft — a tiny two-seater. "During training, you don't fly too high so you can feel the wind and see the city from a top shot-wide angle. We went up to 2,000 ft. The difference between flying and being flown is like the one between being driven by a chauffeur and driving a sports car."

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