Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BIG is the 'mantra' for Salman films now - Latest Bollywood Gossips

Salman Khan As Bodyguard has now turned into the highest grosser ever of Salman Khan by crossing the Rs.140 crores benchmark set by Dabangg, his other films are taking a note of that already. While Ek Tha Tiger is already turning out to be huge, Dabangg 2 has been held back for some time and Sher Khan is giving itself some time before it goes on floor, Kick is on the job by getting its act in place to become bigger and better by the time it is ready to arrive.

"It is more or less a mandate that his films have to be mounted on a huge scale since nothing associated with Salman can be small anymore", says a source close to him, "So while Ek Tha Tiger is travelling continents and Sher Khan would be biggest ever adventure film to come out of Bollywood, Dabangg 2 is moving from a small town to a cosmopolitan setting while Kick would see some of the most unbelievable action ever."

No wonder Yash Chopra, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan as well as Sajid Nadiadwala are leaving no stones unturned to make their respective films huge by all standards and come up with a product which is just the kind that bhai's fans would want.

"Isn't that pretty much understandable considering the fact that Salman is the only actor from past or present who has given three back to back Rs.100 crores plus grossers with Dabangg, Ready and now Bodyguard", comments a trade expert, "In fact Ek Tha Tiger is already being pegged at Rs.200 crores earner at the least since the package by itself is so huge."

Looking at the kind of curiosity surrounding Sher Khan and the fact that everyone is expecting an epic outing, Sohail has in fact delayed the film in order to get the right packaging in place. Ditto for Arbaaz who is waiting for the right time to begin Dabangg 2. Meanwhile, Sajid has already commissioned Kick to be shot in Korea.

"There is a lot of forward planning that each of his forthcoming films is currently involved in", the source continues, "Yes, Salman has done relatively smaller films like Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna, Kyon Ki and Lucky - No Time For Love but this is pretty much the story of the past. Today whatever he is picking up, it has to be larger than life. He can't be blamed either, after all stakes are so high for his films."

Guess when it comes to Salman the mantra is pretty much loud and clear - 'Make it large'!

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