Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spa Manicure - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Spa Manicure
A spa manicure and pedicure usually has a few more extra steps than the normal one — an aromatic salt rub, or hydrating mask or paraffin dip — that can make it last longer and feel more luxurious.
The Procedure
  • Your hands will be washed with an ultra-mild, revitalizing cleanser and soak
  • Your nails will be shaped and smoothed
Cuticle Care & Moisture Pack
  • Stubborn cuticles will be removed
  • A moisture pack is created for the nail plate and surrounding tissue and massaged in
  • Exfoliating crystals are massaged into your hands and arms
  • Your hands are wrapped in warm towels, allowing the crystals to penetrate
  • Warm towels are removed and hands are wiped with a warm moist towel
  • A finishing lotion is massaged into hands and arms
Nail Care
  • A complete manicure is then performed.
HotSpa Nail Bubble Spa with Water Heatup
More than a manicure ?the new spa experience for your nails! Relax at home and give your hands some TLC with this heated bubble spa.
HotSpa Professional Paraffin Bath
The ultimate skin-softening paraffin treatment that brings you fast and effective heat therapy for blissful, soothing relief from arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and strains.
Nail Whirlpool Spa for Nails and Fingers
The deluxe treatment for nails and fingers. The gentle flow of the warm water whirlpool action is the perfect beginning of the ultimate manicure experience.
Belson Profiles Spa Nail Dryer
Perfect for both manicures and pedicures! Features two heat settings: Cool for natural nails and Warm for acrylic nails. Dries one hand at a time.
HotSpa Professional Nail Bubble Spa
The spa experience for nails. Stimulating bubble massage for a soothing and relaxing pre-manicure soak. Innovative manicure prep to soften cuticles and condition nails.

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