Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So what kind of saree can you get for 1 lakh rupees? How about this satya paul bridal?

You got to click on it to see its full beauty.
A embroidered sari in Net fabric, embellished with hand and machine embroidery. Priced at 99,999 Rs, about $2,500 for currency-conversion-challenged!
It doesn’t match my taste, but that doesn’t mean it is not gorgeous, especially as bridal wear. You want some gravitas and something ostentatious to show the importance of the day, and this saree delivers.
See and buy it here
I don’t get any cut of your buying the saree, this is not an affiliate link, but if you do buy it for your bridal functions, may be you can think about, or at least consider, inviting me. I promise not to judge the sarees of your relatives or snicker at them.
Also this time I watching as to how long does it take for another saree site to take this picture and plop their ugly logo on it.
So click on the image and see it in its full glory, unadulterated by any outside logos. Just feast your eyes.

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