Saturday, October 1, 2011

plum of a saree, complete with belly button piercing - Latest Indian Saree Designs

This is a plum of a saree! Considering that I don’t like the butterfly sarees, this one I can make an exception for.
Mainly because of its simplicity. Most other butterfly sarees try to put so many things in the saree and ruin it by adding way too many embellishments.
Here, even the blouse has the right amount of zak-mak to match with the saree and and at the same time continuing with the theme of minimalism.
Of course, she is easy on the eyes and that helps. And did you notice the belly buttin piercing. The saree was invented to show that off… Oh saree is much older than belly button piercing? OK, you know what I mean. Don’t ruin my argument with facts.
Here is another navel piercing pic and saree from a few months ago.

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