Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nail Care Tips For Winter - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Nail Care Tips For Winter
Beauty and women go hand in hand every time something comes up new in the market. It is said that women buy more cosmetic products other than men.
Winter care is important as it will reflect on your skin if proper care is not taken.
A woman’s nails is an essential part of her beauty regime and she makes it sure she looks after her gorgeous nails by giving them a good manicure treatment.
Here are some nail care tips especially for you to pay heed during this winter season.
1.You have to keep in mind not to expose your nails to too much of heat and cold temperatures. It is essential to keep your fingers warm during winter and cool during summer. The best winter care for nails is to not keep them exposed to too much of water during winter as it will make your nails brittle.
2.During winter, the fingers too tend to get chapped. So to prevent this proper nail care tips have to be followed like applying a good herbal cream to the nails for its shine and growth. If your nails seem brittle, increase your calcium in your food during winter.
3.During winter, the water is freezing cold. So the best nail care tips for your nails to last longer is to wash your hands in luke warm water after which dry them completely with a hand towel.
4.There is a good variety of hand moisturizer which is available in cosmetic markets. Purchase a hand cream that consists of herbs like that of aloe vera which is very effective during winter. Apply the cream gently to the finger nails by massaging the nail effectively. You can take further care by wearing on gloves to protect your delicate hands from the extreme cold winds and harsh weather conditions.
5.One of the best nail care tips is cut nails regularly so that it grows to be stronger. It is essential to look nails by trimming them, cleaning the cuticle and massaging it for good growth.
These nail care tips will surely help you to have great nails. These winter care tips will also help your nails not to get brittle.

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