Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mascara for Spring - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Spring brings a rise in temperatures and the return of color, both in nature and in our style. Just as we change our wardrobes with the turn of the season, we also change our makeup. Mascara is an important element in any makeup routine, and the change of the season is the perfect time to throw out your winter mascara and try something new. In order to prevent eye infections, mascara should be replaced every three months, so what better time than with the change of seasons?
Woman with beautiful makeup on spring day
Makeup for spring is typically a return to softer, warmer colors, and mascara is no exception. For a light, spring look, go sparingly on the eyeliner and a light coat of mascara to help accentuate the eyes. For the best results, remember that it isn’t the formula of the mascara that determines thick or fine eyelashes, but the type of wand. A smaller brush will help you reach the corners of your eyes and a comb like brush will help keep the lashes separated.
Spring is also an excellent time to try out new mascara colors. If you are fairer skinned or have fairer shades of hair, consider using brown based mascara, especially for daytime. Not only will brown shades of mascara give you a warmer look, but will also give you a more natural look. However, brown isn’t for everyone, and may make some eyes look red or not even be noticeable on those with darker hair or skin tones.
Another option for those with naturally long lashes is clear mascara, which will help keep the lashes in place and will help contribute to the overall naturally warm look. Black mascara is always appropriate for a dramatic evening look, and can even make your eyes appear to be whiter, so don’t be afraid to use darker shades in the evening.

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