Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love Multi Saree Blouse Designs Satya Paul Saree - Latest Indian Saree Designs

I really like this and I hope it becomes a trend.
Generally, a designer creates a saree and a matching blouse. Typically the saree is pictured with the same blouse and shown on the runway with the same blouse.
However, when the saree is sold, all it includes is a blouse piece. And woman, who just spent $$$ purchasing the saree is left trying to figure out what to do with the blouse piece.
She likes the design of the blouse that the saree designer recommended but she doesn’t know anybody locally who can do that kind of expert work. Moreover, the saree blouse design looked fabulous on the model, it might not look as hot on her and she wants a slightly different design..
What is a woman to do?!
OK, so this doesn’t solve all the problems but it is a solution in the right direction.
Here Satya Paul offers four saree blouse designs, presumably matched with the saree that is being sold.
Here is the saree for which the four blouse designs are suggested. I know they are standard neck lines but at least you know that these lines will go with the saree that you are buying.
The saree, by the way, is from the Tarot collection, about $200 and blouse is about $50.
Since saree blouse choice is an issue for many women, I think the designers should offer more than one vision and choices for the blouses for each saree.

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