Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Foundation for Summer - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Changing your makeup style with the seasons is a natural as changing your wardrobe. In the hotter summer months, your goal is create a fresh, natural look and foundation can help you achieve it. Those that are lucky enough to have flawless skin may be able to go without it in the winter, but the rest of us still prefer to use foundation to help smooth out skin tone. Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean your looks have to suffer. Here are a few tips on using foundation in the summer.
Foundation for summer - Pink/Purple
An important thing to remember when it comes to foundation is that your skin tone is likely darker in the summer than it is in the winter, so you may need to purchase a foundation that better suits your summer skin. It’s always best if you can buy foundation in a place with plenty of light, and natural light if possible, so you’ll get a better idea of how you’ll look when you leave the house. Do try to test a small amount of foundation before you buy, because the color could react with your skin and end up a slightly different color than how it looks in the bottle. Don’t forget to make sure the color will blend well with your neckline.
The type of foundation you use may be dependant on how hot it gets where you live. If you live in the hottest of temperatures in summer, try to find a foundation that advertises staying-power, which will help the foundation stay in place even on the hottest of days. Choose a liquid foundation over a cream, which will help your skin breathe and stay healthy. Always apply moisturizer before foundation, as this will help ensure that the foundation goes on smoothly and creates a uniform color. If you already have a foundation you love but want to adapt it for summer, try combining a small amount with an equally small amount of moisturizer, which will thin it out and provide you with a lighter coat.

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