Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fashion for Floods received an average response - Gossips

It’s very tragic to say that charity events like Fashion for Floods have become a seasonal event with the floods becoming a recurrent calamity in the country. Recently Fashion for Floods event was organized at Royal Palm, Lahore but sadly the event did not receive expected response as compare last year.
“A lot of people are tight from the heart” criticized a young helper, who felt that. Besides, the usual fashion suspects were nowhere to be found. Well, there could be many reasons for such a low response, one being the prevailing fear of dengue epidemic in Lahore and the Taseer family, usually in the front line of relief efforts in the city, going undercover.
Moreover, last year there were floods in Punjab so the response was great. If the same event was held in Karachi, the response would have been comparatively better.
The only organization that appeared to do well was Zimmedar Shehri that sold hand bands for Rs100, managing a total of Rs20,000 at the event. Additionally, they shared that their door-to-door collection reached a grand total of Rs178, 675.
Despite what appeared to be a disgruntled crowd, one of the organizers of the event, Reema Qureishi, revealed that they had managed to secure 200 designers from all fields of the arts to contribute and raised Rs2.1million in a day, which is the same as the average for last year’s event. However, last year, the event seemed a lot more happening as designers like Syed Rizwanullah had flown in from Karachi to give support.

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