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Arabic Henna Designs - Latest Mehndi Designs

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Arabic Henna Designs
If you are familiar with the ancient art of henna painting and mehndi designs, you would know that Arabic mehndi is one of the most popular mehndi designs out there. Using henna dye to color and design beautiful shapes on one’s body, this type of mehndi design is a temporary body art that is now well-known not only in the Middle East and the Arabic world, but also all across the globe! Temporary tattoos can also be constructed with the use of this art, as seen in many parts of the modern world today where mehndi designs are seen widely.

This art of Arabic mehndi usually makes use of big, simply constructed floral patterns that are largely used by women, usually on the feet or hands. The gorgeousness and beauty of the designs would differ with regards to the skill and ability of the one that applies the henna on the subject, thus if you are looking for decent designs, ensure that you seek one that has plenty of experience and skill in applying henna!

If you are wondering why this type of mehndi design is so popular today, part of the reason is due to the fact that this method of applying mehndi on one’s self is more simple and convenient compared to other types of henna designs out there. The simple art of Arabic mehndi makes use of trailing, bold flower designs that are big, thus they are easier to design and apply as well. They also do not usually cover the feet or hands all the way through, and leave more exposed skin compared to Pakistani mehndi ot Indian mehndi, thus they are also more convenient to apply. Floral designs are used, not animal or human figures, making design a lot more simple and refined.

Arabic mehndi can also be applied on a person fairly quickly, and tends to be less expensive compared to other styles of mehndi as it involves less hassle and simpler designs. Factors such as these make the Arabic version of the art of mehndi exceptionally popular in today’s world where a lot of things such as weddings are rushed through.

There are many mehndi books out there as well that teach you on how to do henna designs from the Arabic perspective, especially for special occasions like weddings. If you are interested in doing it yourself, it is recommended that you get hold of any of these books and learn how to apply Arabic mehndi on yourself in an easy and effective way.
A mehendi pattern might even be utilized during celebrations as they give a very attractive look. Nowadays there is a variety of Mehndi styles to choose from for the Mehndi lovers. The current trend has also brought in styled mehndi patterns. These patterns are veru popular among the mehndi lovers. Here a pattern scatch is created by thin outline and the central empty part is filled with dress shining mehndi with mascara.
Coming to the Arabic mehndi, these styles are quite popular worldwide. Most if them are simple floral motifs worn at hands and feet of women. They usually reflect the skills of artists and design individuality of all traditions around Arabian Peninsula.

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