Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Will Desi Boyz mark an entry for Akshay Kumar in 100 crore club - Latest Bollywood Gossips

Desi Boyz Three years back Shah Rukh Khan was ruling from the top and Akshay Kumar was giving him massive challenge to occupy the Number One slot. However, in the interim period Aamir Khan and Salman Khan came with multiple films that topped the Rs.100 crore mark and formed an exclusive club. Now that Shah Rukh is all set to join the club with Ra.One and Don 2, the industry is quite positive that Akshay too would achieve the same with Desi Boyz.

"First promo of Desi Boyz has seen a very good response ever since it was premiered along with Mausam as well as online", says a trade guru, "The film is looking fresh while the look of Akshay and John has quite appreciated as well. They seem to be sharing a great chemistry together and it is apparent that they have a winner in hand."

While response on YouTube and social networking sites have been largely positive, albeit with some bits of usual negatives trickling in as well, those in the know-how feel that Desi Boyz could well be one of the most aggressively marketed films of Akshay in the recent times.

"His Thank You wasn't promoted as a blockbuster in the making while his delayed films like Patiala House as well as Action Replayy were never expected to cross any major milestones. Yes, Tees Maar Khan was sold as a major festival film last Christmas and resultantly turned out to be Akshay's biggest opener as well. It is a different matter though that audience didn't take a liking to it due to which it couldn't sustain", remarks an observer.

"Desi Boyz should very comfortably break the opening weekend record for Akshay", he continues in the same breath, "One should also understand that market has improved leaps and bounds over last one year. Practically every biggie is netting close to Rs. 50 crores in one week itself. There is no reason why Desi Boyz shouldn't record similar collections. Of course once that happens, it would be film as a whole which will do all the talking. However all around vibe so far is good and with talks of Pritam composing at least a couple of major chartbusters for Akshay and John, seems like half the battle has already been won."

When contacted, director Rohit Dhawan said, "Akshay is one of the best actors in the country. He is capable of every genre whether it is action, romance, drama, comedy. That man can do anything under the roof. He is capable of so much; it is eventually left to the directors and script writers to get the best out of him."

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