Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speedy Singhs - Movie Reviews

Cricket, Hockey, Football, Boxing... now Ice Hockey! Sport-centric films are gradually finding their way on the Hindi screen. BREAKAWAY aka SPEEDY SINGHS brings several knows names from U.S., Canada and India in this cross-cultural family drama with Ice Hockey as the backdrop.

Like BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM much earlier and PATIALA HOUSE more recently, SPEEDY SINGHS also looks at the generation gap between the older generation [Anupam Kher, in this case], who hold tightly to traditional values and the younger generation [Vinay Virmani], who have already adapted themselves to the adopted country [Canada]. SPEEDY SINGHS has a plot you can connect with instantly, but the film suffers on varied counts.

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It's not sacrilegious to be inspired by a foreign source [BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM], but the writer/s should've ensured that they explore/depict issues that haven't been witnessed earlier. SPEEDY SINGH merely scratches the surface, but doesn't delve deeper into issues plaguing people of Indian origin living in Canada. Also, Ice Hockey may be the most popular sport there, but it's hard known in India and that robs the film of the excitement and euphoria that's attached to the sport. Besides, most importantly, the execution of the material throws a wet blanket. A desi director, I feel, would've been able to the address the issues and merge the sport in the narrative more effectively. On second thoughts, given the poor screenplay of the film, there's not much even an accomplished director would've achieved.

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