Thursday, September 22, 2011

SKIN CARE AS YOU AGE - Beauty and Makeup Tips


As we age, our skin care needs change. It is thus important to remain aware of our individual skin’s condition and to respond to signs of aging as they occur. With an appropriate, customized daily skin care adjustments, we can fight age and even look decades younger!

  • Skin care at 20 – While many teenagers, facing hormonal imbalances associated with puberty, spend a great deal of time battling acne, people in their twenties see their skin significantly clearing up. With sebum levels still relatively high following the teenage years, most individuals produce enough natural oils to eliminate the need to moisturize. Since dead skin has generally not yet had an opportunity to build up, exfoliation and anti-aging or anti-wrinkle treatments are also rarely necessary. The most important thing is thus to focus on preventative care, making sure to protect your skin from the sun, avoid products containing soap or harsh detergents, and follow a skin care routine customized to your specific skin type.
  • Skin care at 30 – Once we hit our thirties, it’s time to begin battling the aging process. As our metabolisms and cell turnover slow down, we see a visible decline in hormone levels, affecting growth factors accordingly. As time goes on, our skin accumulates a significant amount of damage, require a more comprehensive skin-care regimen. It’s important to remain hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day, and to incorporate an oil-free moisturizer and exfoliation into your daily routine. Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated as they emerge by using a skin care agent with retinoid and vitamin C, or with Botox later on.
  • Skin care at 40 and beyond – As we approach our forties and beyond, our hormone and growth factor levels decrease dramatically, translating to the skin’s self-repair and renewal properties significantly slowing down. With age, skin tends to thin and dry out, in both men and women, though less drastically in men. Excessive inflammation, deepening wrinkles, discolorations and sagging are also increasingly prevalent with age. It’s thus important to remain extremely hydrated, exfoliate regularly, use a daily oil-free moisturizer, and begin to look into wrinkle reducing/ eliminating, skin lightening, or hormonal treatments as well as Botox or even more drastic “second line” treatments as your individual skin condition requires.

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