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Prom Makeup Tips & Ideas - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Beautiful Teenager Before PromNow that you've decided on the dress, you need to pay attention to the prom makeup. Knowing a little about makeup will help you decide which style is best for you.
The month of May is a tense month in many house-holds across the US. If you have a teenaged daughter who is getting ready to go to the prom, that is. Higher education and acceptance letters from universities aside, it is all about looking the best for this big night. An opportunity to dress up and show the world how well she "cleans-up".
So many decisions; choosing a dress is a big step. Whether you want to look glamorous for the night, or you want to express your personality with the dress? How to accentuate to things you like about your body, and hide away the things you don't like? What shoes to wear? High heels look nice, but might be uncomfortable. Boots might be comfortable but they don't fit the dress… It's done.

Now it is time to look at the makeup.
As a general rule, your makeup should complement the look you want to create and fit the hairstyle. It should have correlation to the color palate of your dress. And it should look good on a teenager and not be overpowering.

How to Do Make Up for Prom


Not all women under the age of 25 need foundation, but if you have an uneven skin tone, or acne, you might want to use it to make the skin perfect and smooth. The secret is in making it look as natural as possible. Do not apply heavy makeup to the whole face. Instead use a good Concealer. The green Concealer neutralizes the reds, for example. It should be applied to spots only. This way, the foundation that will come on top of the Concealer will not have to be heavily applied.
Choosing the right color is important as well. It should match the skin tone on you jaw line. Beware: the color of the bottle does not reflect the color it will have on your skin. The best way to find the right shade is to go to stores that allow trying the makeup on your face before you buy. Try to see it in daylight as well. Apply the foundation to your problem areas and blend the edges well, whether it is around your eyes or down the neck.


A Very important ingredient to a healthy overall look are the blushed cheeks. Make sure you apply the blush correctly and in the right space. Smile as hard as you can and apply it on the spots that extend out when you do. Those are the apples of your cheeks. Use a large soft brush and apply in circular motion. A light dusting is usually enough. To introduce more color and shape to your face, you can dust lightly you temples and your chin.

Eyes and Lips

Experts say to choose one of those areas and highlight it on the expense of the other. If your eye makeup is heavy, the lip color should be dialed down. If you like your lips as your best feature, by all means, give them your outmost attention, but go lightly on the eyes.
You want to draw the onlooker's attention to your best feature. If you do both of them heavily, you might just look overly made up.
Use colors that compliment your skin tone, and compliment the clothes.
  • For olive skin, the latest fashion experts say, use colors like bronze, yellow or orange. It makes your skin appear natural.
  • Pale white skin – Green, gray and pink go well with this shade. A grey eye shadow can make the eyes look smoky.
  • Dark skin – Yellow, plum, red and brown will flatter this skin tone.
For a dramatic affect use liquid eyeliner, for a more conservative look use pencil. You can make use of both – pencil on the inner side of the eye and liquid on the eyelid. It takes some practice to get the line straight and unbroken so do not get discouraged after a few tries. When using liquid let it dry before you apply mascara.

Look at red carpet pictures

Most of those actresses were made up by professional makeup artists. Whether it is Penelope Cruz's smoky eyes, Scarlet Johansson red lips, or Emma Watson natural look, they can inspire you to choose a style you’d like to duplicate.

Practice before the big night

Practice makes perfect. For a little more peace of mind, decide ahead of time what colors you are going to use. You don't want to remove eye makeup and apply another shade instead. Experiment with different color combinations and choose one that is complimentary your features.

What should you take with you?

  • Lipstick and Lip gloss, mascara, and a small mirror.
  • Small bottle of spray, if you use it.
  • Breathe mints.
  • And almost as important as those - blotting paper. Great to blot out oily skin and great for blotting out sweat.

Before having the picture taken

  1. Blot out shine and oil. Do not wipe, blot! With a help of a mirror.
  2. Reapply your lipstick and liner.
  3. Check under the eye and correct smudges.
And think of a funny joke you've heard lately. When you really smile, your beautifully made-up eyes shine. You’ve done your due diligence, and now you can rest and enjoy the evening.

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