Thursday, September 22, 2011

Printed Salwar Kameez - Latest Kameez Shalwar Designs

The fascination for salwar kameez is an unending process for those who get used to this apparel style. The variety that includes embroidered works and an array of printed styles binds the wearer to the salwar kameez. Printed salwar kameez are used as both semi-formal and casual wear. Prints too, like embroidery, come in various print types.
Printed Salwar Kameez, Embroidered Salwar Kameez,  Designer Salwar Kameez.
The bandhej print salwar kameez comprises the use of the tie and dye method of printing. The areas of the fabric that are not to be dyed in a particular color are tied with a string. The fabric then is dipped in a heated cauldron of liquid dye. Block prints are a popular form of printing. A pattern is designed on a wooden block, and then using vegetable or synthetic colors these are stamped on the fabric. It is also known as hand printing. Geometric prints consist of geometric designs like triangles, squares or rectangles or a collage of these shapes. Like the bandhej print, lehriya print too originated in Rajasthan (India).
Abstract prints represent the modern style where abstract art designs are used. Computers have made the abstract art form more popular, for these designs can be made on the computer with ease using various color combinations. The other print styles in use are the flower print, golden print, kalamkari print, and the weaving print styles.

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