Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pakistani Bridal Wear Salwar Kameez - Latest Kameez Shalwar Designs

The Pakistani bride is known for her subtle beauty and elegant dressing. The Pakistani bridal wear is extremely gorgeous wear. Since the Pakistani wedding usually is four day long ceremony so there are four different kinds of Pakistani Bridal wear.
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On the first day which is celebrated as a ‘mehendi’, the bride usually wears a salwar kameez. There is predominance of colors like green, yellow and orange only makes the dress look more beautiful. The heavy embroidery work makes the dress extremely gorgeous. On the second day mehendi ceremony is celebrated, on this day the bridal wear is of green color or with orange and yellow tint. Thought the dress is less gorgeous as compared to the wedding dress but then the dress is beautiful on its own terms.
The next ceremony is Dholki and the bride will be seen in yellow attire with veil on her head. On the wedding day the bride wears a gharara in rich colors like red. Pink or purple. The dress consists of a tunic in the upper portion and wide legged pants. A veil is must have for bridal dress. For the official reception the bride wears lehenga or anything of her choice but in bright colors.The Pakistani bridal dresses are known for their bright colors, intricate detailing, and rich embroidery with variety of materials like zari, dubka, sequins and mirror works. The materials used for bridal wear have vast variety. From traditional silks, satin, to modern day chiffons and georgettes all are used beautifully.

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