Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On A Date With Candice Boucher

On A Date With Candice Boucher: Part 2


It really isn't easy being a journalist who photo-edits too. I mean, even though you're at home transcribing the interview of one of the world's most beautiful women on your laptop, the chances are that you'll surely be opening those hot pictures and will keep zooming in and out of it. That's exactly what I did after meeting my delectable 'date' Candice Boucher. She is a tall sexy blonde and believe you me, God has stopped making such hotties now-a-days. In the middle of our conversation, my subconscious self tells me that I'm still in a dream. For all these years, the girl I kept googling was in flesh in front of me. Come on, let's admit it. We're boys for God sake! But as our talk goes into the 40th minute and our black coffees going a tad cold, I realise that it's just not Candice's hot body that I was in awe of. It's that kind of accessible attitude and her ability to reinvent her image that has made Boucher one of the most popular faces in the modelling world and the most successful. Then of course, dating a smart, ambitious woman like Candice Boucher is one of life's greatest challenges and pleasures. My eyes keep staring at how she is tightly holding her coffee mug. For a second you so want to be that 'mug' in her hand. This South African splendour surely knows how to get a man's attention. The Megans, the Biels, the Wildes, the Blakes may come and go with the usual ebb and flow but my fascination with one woman endures - Candice Boucher, this is what I like about you: that you're game and you're good at it and you can try on all these guises without seeming to try too hard. And our 'date' continues...

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