Friday, September 9, 2011

Minissha Lamba: First hurricanes are like first love

When Minissha Lamba was in New York for an Indo-US cultural event, she was stuck on the 22nd floor of the Hotel Radisson due to hurricane Irene which had struck the nation. She is trapped in the hotel until the hurricane calls off and the sir services resume from US.
Speaking on Sunday morning from her hotel room in New York, the actress said, “It’s really really scary out here. For 36 hours the entire New York is going to have to stay indoors. A state of emergency has been declared. Everyone is in their homes. As I look out of my hotel window I see a deserted street down below, Can you imagine New York without traffic? It’s like a scene out of Armageddon.”
“I am all alone here. My stay has been extended for a week. I had no choice. The airports are shut. All flights are cancelled. Half of New York, New Jersey, Staten Island have been evacuated. I can’t return.”
“I hope I can return the soonest possible. Maybe I should just enjoy Irene’s company. She’s my first hurricane. I believe first hurricanes are like first love. You never forget it,” she added with a hint of humor.
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