Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is harmless | Latest Bollywood Gossips

Generous amount of song-and-dance sequences with leads both likeable and watchable

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Who's in it? Ali Zafar, Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif
The plot What could have been just a run-of-the-mill candyfloss Bollywood romance, has been turned on its head thanks to YashRaj's attempts to add some fun to this conventional love story.
In Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, NRI guy, Luv Agnihotri (Zafar), who is too busy to go searching for his bride, appoints his younger, more generous bro, Khush (Khan), to do the leg work for him. After researching extensively for prospective brides, he finds the right match for his brother in Dimple Dixit (Kaif) - the only hitch is that he soon realises she's actually the perfect woman for him. Naturally, a comedy of errors soon unfolds through director Zafar's fun script.

What we liked As with most easy going romcoms, Mere Brother is harmless, non-offensive, sweet-natured fun, and there's a generous amount of song-and-dance sequences thrown in. Plus, the leads are all both likeable and watchable.
What we didn't like Rehashing dialogues and dances from old movies is a done-to-death trick that doesn't tickle us so much any more.
e+ says Watch if you're a sucker for a sweet Bollywood romance.

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