Friday, September 9, 2011

Meeting Humaima Malick: The leading actress in ‘Bol’

Pakistani model-actress Humaima Malick has created stirs and received critical acclaim for her performance in “Bol”, a Pakistani film about women in a patriarchal society which has just released in India.
“Bol” released June 24 in Pakistan and collected (Pakistani) Rs. 22,038,000 in first six days of its release, while “My Name is Khan” had earned almost Rs. 21,658,000 in a week.
Humaima was previously married to actor Shamoon Abbasi and separated from him in April 2010. Talking about her struggle to become an actress in a conservative society, Humaima says, “When your brother is a doctor and your father runs a strict household, getting into films is not a cakewalk. Initially, I had to face endless criticism, but soon with the passage of time my family started to see in my direction.
“At the premiere of my movie in Karachi, when my mother cried after the screening, I knew they couldn’t be more proud of me. I am blessed to have a very encouraging family, who now supports me in all my future ventures,” she added.
bol actress

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