Monday, September 26, 2011

Losing Cellulite - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Losing Cellulite

If you’re on the warpath to losing cellulite, it can be tough, as you probably know, and if you’ve tried any of the remedies out there like creams, herbs, balms and homemade remedies, they don’t work.

However they are making strides in this area and it’s not hopeless yet,  but before we get into that I do want to say that the smart thing to do for losing cellulite is to simply not get it in the first place, so following a diet low in fat content and doing daily moderate exercise will help you fight the cellulite battle.
Now on to the good stuff about what you can do for losing the cellulite that you already have.
It’s been clinically proven that the only way to effectively reduce cellulite is by shrinking the size of the fat cells stored in the subcutaneous layers so they no longer bulge.
Studies have proven that massage is the only treatment that will effectively shrink the size of these fat cells.  Massage works because the motions break down the stored fat deposits.  Massage therapy involves using equipment that goes over the cellulite with a specialized motion that is combined with heat.  It’s been extremely effective for smoothing ugly cellulite areas, especially for the arms and thighs.
Massage therapy isn’t exactly a new method for losing cellulite but what they have done is perfect the equipment used to massage the cellulite making it a more effective treatment.
One drawback to this massage treatment is that up until now, the only equipment that was effective for treating cellulite was found in a professional, licensed cellulite massage center.  This equipment can smooth the cellulite in one treatment but cellulite does come back meaning you will need more treatments.   It can get expensive.
Today you can actually use a similar cellulite removal massage system at home with Verseo’s RollerCell2. At a fraction of the cost of going to a massage therapist, this cellulite system can restore firmness and smoothness within just a few minutes a day.
As mentioned above, the smartest thing you can do for losing cellulite is to eat a sensible diet that’s heavy on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, low in sodium and saturated fat.  But for a fast, cost effective home remedy that, by the way, is guaranteed or your money back, the RollerCell2 has made a huge dent in the fight on cellulite.

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