Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kajal Agarwal furious with topless photoshoot

Kajal Agarwal, who has acted in 'Naan Mahan Alla' and 'Maaveeran' and is currently filming for 'Maatran' opposite Suriya in K V Anand's direction, is fuming for the latest issue of a magazine has a topless picture of the actress!
However, the svelte beauty claims that the image is a photoshopped one.
"It is a distorted picture. Yes, I shot for the magazine, but not in this way. I used a black tube while shooting and never shot topless. They have photoshopped and changed it," says Kajal.
"The magazine has released a distorted version, which is wrong and unethical. I'm not the kind of person who would ever do a topless shoot," she says and adds, "My reputation and work stand by me."
The actress also accused the magazine saying, "They have given wrong statements on my behalf to sensationalise their magazine! My team will take this up with the magazine concerned."

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