Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's war for Kareena and Priyanka! - Latest Bollywood Gossips

Priyanka Chopra didn't care much for Kareena Kapoor's comments about her accent on a TV talkshow. She made that very clear by going on record saying, "It's very unfortunate that she said that and she shouldn't have said." Kareena on the other had, defended herself saying, "I just made a comment on Karan's show. I didn't know she would make such a big deal about it."
Not one to forgive so easily, Piggy Chops turned down an item number for Saif Ali Khan's Agent Vinod. And we all know, turning down Saif means turning down Kareena.
Now, Chopra decided to skip Shah Rukh Khan hosted music launch of SRK-Kareena starrer Ra.One. This has definitly not made Bebo any happier about the dusky Chopra.
SRK, who is known to be smitten by Chopra, also went ahead to claim Kareena as Bollywood's most-wanted female lead actor.
When asked about Chopra, SRK said, “I had asked Priyanka and Sanjay Dutt to come for the event, but they are busy with their own commitments.”
This means war, Bebo?

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