Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gayatri Devi Portrait in a Luscious Saree - Latest Indian Saree Designs

So I found another charming photograph of Ayesha, as she was called informally, and I had to post it!  The Maharani of Jaipur wears a silk saree with amazing borders of zari in an unusual pattern.  Certainly the fabric, which looks like a georgette, was in some fashionable colour – but what shade was it?  Gayatri could wear almost any colour and look wonderful.  The jewellery is minimal so it is the carefully draped saree that catches the lights, along with the perfect profile and just a bit of hair.
Gayatri looked fabulous in western clothing too; everything from tennis whites to evening gowns.  Her autobiography, “A Princess Remembers,” was published in 1995 and reprinted many times since.  I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it contains lots of photographs. This amazing woman is one of the four “Maharanis” in the book by Lucy Moore, which I read a few months ago and recommend.  It’s been said that if one name were chosen to represent style in India, it would be Gayatri Devi’s.
(It’s not  Sunday but my computer was being contrary again.)

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