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Four make-up trends for winter 2011/2012 - Beauty and Makeup Tips

Luxury skin, warm colors, smoky liner, red lips

Four make-up trends for winter 2011/2012
The latest make-up colors for winter? Remarkably warm tones like gold and rusk. The latest trend: No smokey eyes but smokey eyeliner! The make-up guideline for this season:  Have courage! Dare for a different make-uplook to go. Every day.
Four mega trends in makeup. Four separate stories. Four worlds of color and form. Four guidelines for professional artists but also for all those women who look good and feel beautiful format. Warm and sparkling, sensual and provocative. M.A.C. makeup artist Michele Magnani Trendy style talks about the makeup trends and makeup colors for winter 2010 2011. Inspiring makeup tips and ideas for new makeup looks. For every winter a new idea.

Makeup trend 1: Cash Mink – luxury makeup with warm colors like gold and rusk

The first makeup trend M.A.C. Michele Magnani who explains, is Cash Mink. “This trend did tremendously well at the last show. For both the winter and for next summer, the artists backstage this guideline only too happy reserved. The ‘Cash Mink’ trend is the focus skin. That must be attended, fresh and clean. Soft, warm and luxurious as cashmere and mink. ”
Choose your foundation carefully and take time to get ready
This trend is very important that your foundation carefully chooses. Furthermore the technique of applying essential. Use a make-upkwast the foundation evenly spread over the skin. And the time to pull out your skin to make. “The contemporary woman has less time available but two minutes more you give the details of your makeup spend, make a difference. Your makeup should be like a second skin on your skin and to achieve that result, you must proceed carefully. ”
Warm colors: gold, tan, biscuit, toffee
Cash Mink trend is dominated by warm colors. Go to ocher, gold, biscuit and toffee. “For the winter, these colors are unusual. They are usually reserved for the summer. This warm winter tones create a healthy complexion with a warm, luxurious look. ”

Depth create different textures

The foundation is the base, use warm colors to give depth to your face. The skin should be flawless and impeccable. Mat allowed but with a satin effect.
‘Foundation will sometimes face removal from the depths. This depth, we back this season by working with different textures. We use cream products and glossy powder products for the face shape. The central part of your face while your lighter and the contours use the warm colors that I mentioned, “advises Michele Magnani. ‘Create light effects on the bridge of your nose, above the cupids bow of your mouth. ”
Foundations and contouring products
If you like a compact foundation, you can look for the Miner Alize Compact Mac use. This foundation gives your skin a fresh and creamy appearance, very natural and well hydrated. If you prefer a liquid base then you Pro Long Wear SPF 10 Foundation by MAC try. This foundation that is new to the range of MAC takes 15 hours long and is ideal for women who are outdoors all day. To give depth to your face, use a slightly darker powder or blush. “You can zone on both sides of your forehead, your temples, cheekbones and jaw line more depth to them a little darker with the foundation you last summer (when you was brown) used. First you make the central part of your face and then give you the depth of foundation this summer that you might otherwise would not use it. ”

Make-up trend 2: Veil Veil – Playing with colors and textures. Soft lines

The second makeup trend Michele Magnani is integrated Voile Veil. This trend has many followers. Like Cash Mink (and all other MAC trends), this makeup inspired by the Fashion trend. “In this second trend, the lines are not hard and defined, but nicely blurred. As if you submit a veil over your face, “says Michele Magnani. “All traditional makeup rules lapsed. We go for completely new shapes and color combinations. ”

New make-up forms and color combinations

The Voile Veil trend breaks through all the old traditions. This trend is seen, for example eye shadow that fades towards the temples to stand there with the blush to add. You can also think of what eyeshadow with an imminent effect on the sleep that runs down to the hairline and then bends towards the blush. And your lips, you can entrust with the first contour lip pencils to draw the contours and then fade through your fingers lipstick on the central part of your lips touching.
“We are playing with textures (ie matt, gloss, gloss) and with color. Compare it with the veil in fashion. You look under skirts and dresses on display, each transparent but which together constitute a very special colors. This trend makeup to smooth contours and no hard, defined lines. Everything is full, sultry, sensual and feminine but never loud and tight. ”

Make-up trend 3: Satin Eyes – Razor sharp eyeliner with smokey effect!

The third makeup trend, Satin-Eyes, this winter we could keep as a guideline, it – unlike Voile Veil – right from very tight lines. This trend is a makeup product as the central eyeliner. This trend takes practice and skill and is primarily intended for professional artists, even though the latest techniques of applying makeup easier and this trend will also be within the reach of the general public.

Sharp eyeliner

Use your eyeliner, get this winter than a thin but sharp line. “The new products help us to achieve results as good as possible,” says Michele Magnani. “A product like Liquid Eye Liner has a very advanced application system so you can easily draw a straight line. This eyeliner will sit 12 hours and comes in brilliant colors. Of gold and silver for the festivals to great black. And then we see fashion colors like plum and dark red. ”
Tune your makeup off at the color of your fashion accessories
Makeup and fashion go hand in hand this winter. The make-up trends are inspired by fabrics and materials such as cashmere and veil and makeup colors are the same as fashion colors. “It’s very trendy to makeup, for example, the color of your eyeliner to match the color of the fashion accessories you wear. Choose your eye make-up in the color of your scarf, you stole, your necklace or earrings you. Go for a single color in your makeup and Clothing by pulling. ”

Smokey liner!

One of the most interesting aspects of the Satin Eyes trend is the smokey liner. “With smoky liner, we mean a sharp line but fades towards the inner corner. This is a very revolutionary way of presentation. You’re going to speak, the natural shape of your eyes change and create new effects. Eyeliner you draw with a nice tight line you then to your inner corner, as it were ‘kills’. This gives you a very striking effect. Very provocative and innovative. ”
In a trend as of course with Satin Eyes nepwimpers. This winter we can even under the eye make for a 70s look. “Do you choose a natural look for ‘half’ lashes you see on the upper eyelid in the outer corner make. They are very easy to stick and increase the effect of the eyeliner. ”

Make-up trend 4: Redd Velvet – Special Red llippen

The Redd Velvet makeup trend focuses on the mouth. It’s not just the color (rood!) but also the use of different textures (matt, gloss, gloss). Here again, again to make the ‘flat’ unnatural effect that make-up often brings it had to.
Again the possibilities are endless. You can use different textures as you want. This allows you to format your mouth with gloss and then the central part of your lips to paint with a matte lipstick. You can also do vice versa. You make your lips with matte lipstick and then transfers to the middle of your lip gloss on. Whether you go for a totally matte glossy mouth contours. You get different effects and volumes. We have therefore abandoned the fixed recipe: lip pencils, lipstick + gloss.

Communicating (and provoke) with red lips

“The Redd Velvet makeup trend for women who like to communicate with their environment and not a bit afraid to provoke. The emphasis is on the mouth. It is a very sensual look that exudes confidence. ”
Michele Magnani recommends to the classic red shades of MAC to choose. A winning combination: Cherry lip pencils, lipstick, lip gloss Ruby Woo and Russian Red (for the central portion of the lips). “Red lips are hot again. We saw them on many catwalks in New York we saw red lips with glitter. You can also combine different colors. Colour your lips with red lipstick and make the central part of your lips with orange than an orange lipstick. Or go for a red mouth in the central portion to a pink color fades. I mean this with new textures and forms. We go for a completely new effect and new volumes. “

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