Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bollywood Outfits - Latest Kameez Shalwar Designs

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The rise of fashion industry and the presence of some extremely talented designers have introduced a fresh lease of life into bollywood outfits. Bollywood has always been the mother of all fashion trends in India. But then bollywood itself suffered from malnutrition in terms of fashionable outfits.
But gone are the days when screen goddesses would sport poor style statements and outlandish clothes which were complete fashion disaster. Imagine the multicolored clothes Madhuri Dixit would sport in her initial career days; even Kajol was severely criticized for her lack of style in some of her earlier movies.
The bollywood outfits of recent times have seen the magical touch of some of our best designers. Then be it the distinctive style statement created by Manish Malhotra for the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or recent day Aisha, bollywood has come long way. Now days every bollywood outfits has the labor of a renowned fashion designer in it or is brought from international fashion store. Producers spend huge amounts for the wardrobe of the star cast. They are generally copied by the majority of fashion garment makers. They make hugely popular garment in the entire nation. Boys and girls blindly follow the styles of their stars.
The bollywood outfits are often put to auction. But apart from that they are also put on online sale. Some of them are famous for drawing astronomical prices. They are also available in some of the selected stores. Even buyers from foreign lands show interest in them.

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