Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bol gets warm reception in Texas


DALLAS: Geo's feature film 'Bol' which is released to all cinema halls here on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr is getting warm reception by general public and movie enthusiasts.

Large number of people are heading towards cinema theaters to watch this feature film. Talking to Geo News, the distributor of this movie in Texas and owner of Fun Asia theater claimed that this film under Geo's banner is not only getting popularity within Pakistani Americans but also among other communities including Indians and Bangladeshi communities.

He said that since the film is based on very sensitive issues, it is getting attention from Asian communities. He said that film Bol is showing in 17 theaters in Texas. Movie enthusiasts who have seen this movie at Fun Asia theaters in Dallas and Houston have claimed that this film is a proof that Pakistan film industry is capable of producing good movies with high standard.

While commenting on the quality after watching the film they said that Director Shoaib Mansoor and all actors performed well in this movie and the whole team of Bol should be appreciated for this.

One local Indian Sikh Annu, while commenting on the movie said that he suggest to all Indians to watch this film, as India and Pakistan have similar culture and Indian society has similar issues as highlighted in this film.

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