Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aamir says no to police uniform - Latest Bollywood Gossips

He believes in delivering something different in his movies every time, by following his 'perfect' policies. Aamir Khan who usually does things according to his instincts has come up with a 'uniform' suggestion for his forthcoming cop movie.
The Perfectionist who plays a police in Reema Kagti's thriller tentatively titled 'Dhuan', doesn't want to stick to the usual typical vardi (uniform) clad cop avatar. For, he feels that the seriousness of his character in the film wouldn�t be conveyed properly in a uniform. Instead Aamir wants to be seen in formals.
But one may wonder about those shooting stills which showed Aamir in the khaki uniform. Sources claim that the star has already planned to re-shoot all those scenes by wearing civilian clothes this time.
Hmmm, there goes our hope to see Aamir on par with the likes of 'Dabangg' Salman and 'Singham' Ajay.... Guess he wants to replay his 'Saraforsh' image in which he kept away from the Khaki shade...

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