Sunday, September 25, 2011

9 Reasons Why Ra.One Will Rock At The BoxOffice - Latest Bollywood News

When India is busy switching news channels observing the clout of Gujarat’s Chief Minister’s Sadbhavna Mission, there’s a man in a parallel world who looks all set to gift the Indian Film industry a movie which will redefine success for any film ever made in India. Be it Twitter, Facebook or even the almost forgotten Orkut, there are people everywhere who are confident that post Ra-one, Mr. SRK’s career will head downhill the Rajesh Khanna way. However, his ardent followers are keenly anticipating its release and desperately want this film to do well. Amidst all this, I am sitting in my office which is just 3 K.M away from Mr. Modi’s fasting venue making note of a point which surprisingly none of the trade guys are talking about at the moment. They may even be scared. What if things go wrong? A person in my position can certainly take some liberties and sometime off from my daily routine to let people know that the point of discussion amongst us should not be whether Ra-One will be a hit or flop, rather HOW BIG A HIT IT WILL BE? Why? Without wasting time, let me first let be known that I am no fan of Mr. SRK. In fact, the one man I have admired since I was a 11 year old is Mr.SK (Those who know me must have an idea of whom I am speaking about). Even then, I really want this movie to work because I know that if the bars are not raised then the joy of the regular tiffs between SRK and SK fans will cease to exist. This will make my life sad. I have grown up reading and participating is these SRK v/s SK debates. My life will just not be the same if that stops. Secondly, it is this competition that has made the Indian Film industry realize its true potential. Who would have thought 2 years ago that a movie could touch the Rs.100 Cr NETT mark in 10 days flat? Trust me my dear readers, it happened because people like you and me kept fighting for our honour to ensure that our heroes get nothing less than the best, thus we kept visiting cinema halls with a vengeance. Our stars benefitted, we gushed with pride and in return they started working on bigger and better films. Now, cutting the small talk and coming to the point -
  1. Enough ammunition left in SRK’s kitty: Okay. So Chammak Challo and Dildaara didn’t dazzle you.  No problem! There’s a lot more left from where that came from! The music is out and by the looks of it, the audio seems very intriguing – couple that with the video and imagine the magic unfold! The angle of son for kids. A characterization which caters to the South Indian audience. The South has not been a major market for Hindi films so far, but looking at the density of screens available over there –it’s an aspect this movie looks all set to explore with its Tamil -Telugu version releasing simultaneously and Thalaiva (Mr.Rajnikanth) making a guest appearance (remember his fans will do anything to get one glimpse of him since it has been a year since his Endhiran released). Expect some real heavy business coming from down south which hasn’t contributed much (5% - 7% max) to the film business of a Hindi movie till date.
 2.  BIGGER THE VILLIAN BIGGER THE FILM: Wait until Dusshera when the look of Ra-One is revealed. There’s a lot of curiosity around Mr. Rampal’s look and we should not forget that movies name is not G-One, it’s Ra-One. Expect the unexpected. If Mr.SD’s Kanacha look in Agneepath was talk of the town, then this look will give you jitters. After all, we so love it when our protagonist kills the villain at the end of the show. The bigger the villain, the bigger is the anxiety. Remember Shakkal, Mogambo and Gabbar? To add more fuel to the fire, don’t forget the lines in the teaser MAIN EK AISA GAME BANAUNGA JISMEIN VILLAIN KABHI NAHIN MAREGA (SRK’s lines). And the suspense begins! How will he die then?

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