Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tips for Hair Care - Hairstyles

Help full tips for hair care
As our skin requires care in summer season, same is the matter with hairs. Our hairs need care and nourishment which can maintain its freshness. To protect our hair from the harsh and scorching heat of sun rays, hair care is equally significant.

The scorching sun rays cause extensive damage to hairs which can only be overcome by extra ordinary care and care. The damages which can be caused by sun light are hair fading, cuticle damaging, and dry hairs. Here are some  to take special care of your hairs during hotseason.

Since summer season can steal away all the moisture from your hairs. When your hairs are fizzy, it’s a clear sign of inappropriate and damage or split hairs. If u wants to make your hairs healthy then trim your split hairs regularly which can enhance the beauty of your hairs. In the summer season reduce the use of chemicals of bleach and hair color.

Due to being deprived of moisture, hair color can cause extensive damage to your hair careroutine. Instead of using chemicals use natural color and conditioner like Mehndi and egg which are very beneficial for the health of hairs. Stop using hot styling tools like blow dryers, hair irons,rollers.To improve the texture of your hairs you should give your hairs a rest from thetorture of heat styles during summer months.

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