Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angrakha Styled Shalwar Kamez - Latest Kameez Shalwar

Angrakha, Revival of Old trend
Angrakha an old world trend is in fashion again. It takes us back to Mughal Princess who use to wear such kind of dresses and spend hours dreaming about their prince charming, while sitting on Takhat and being fancied by their kameez.These days Angrakha is making a whopping come back.Fashion Designers have already incorporated them in their collection.

Nomi Ansari latest colorful stock is the perfect fashion stock for fashion lovers.Nida Azwar has recently introduced formal and glittery Angrakha with out standing colors.

Aqua blue, forest green and brighter palette of salmon pink and deep red and adomed with semiprecious stones is the best choice. Other than that Unbeatable and Daman are also famous for the heart hitting collection of Angrakhas.

For a more feminine and appealing look, frocks should be long and must have bias cut for really alluring look. Your hair style, your make up, and manners should be in accordance with this dress. It will reflect royal delicacy.

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