Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bollywood actress in new saree desings - Latest Indian Saree

Latest Saree Designs
Saree is considered as the most beautiful outfit for ladies. It enhances beauty and elegance of lady and exhibits her more tall and smart. Although it’s a tradition of India but still very frequent and popular in Pakistan. Indian designers are modifying its styles in more fashionable look.Manesh Mahotra has played a very vital role in this regard. He has introduced very innovative and modern designs which have enhanced the beauty of Saree.

Famous actresses are very fond of his Sarees.They feel proud to wear his collection. The most admirable from all range is Shimmer Saree which has outstanding look. It is available in different colors but orange color is superb. The border is decorated with blue and pink dual color with silver embroidered border with designer sleeveless Saree blouse with open neck pattern looks fantastic. Along with that he has presented a new thing which is regarded as Slim Belt Saree which is in fashion now days.

This style is used with different kinds of belts embellished on the waist. In this way it adds a complete modern touch to the wearer’s personality.

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