Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick and Natural Breakout Remedies - Make-up Tips

No one will deny that flawless, smooth and radiant skin tells much about women’s beauty. If your skin is keen on irritation and allergic reaction, there is no need to try different cosmetic formulas and damage your skin with chemical ingredients in order to get rid of the inflammation and the redness of pimples. Instead go for natural skin care remedies and banish all the unwanted, unpleasant skin problems. Furnish yourself with several useful beauty tips and find the solution to restore the spotless health of your complexion. Follow the instructions, presented below and try to not to use chemicals any longer.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has a soothing and nutritive effect, which will help you regain your shining skin. Apply the natural juice of coconut to the pimples and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it off afterwards with lukewarm water. The best time of applying it will be after taking a bath, as at the time the pores are more open. Include this procedure into your skin care rituals and you’ll see the result very soon.
Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is the most widely spread natural lotion, which is able to solve your skin problems. Dilute some with a few drops of water and apply on the area of your skin with problems. It not only puts an end to the pimples, but also banishes skin bacteria and various skin enemies.

White Vinegar
Take a cotton ball, dig it into white vinegar and rub the affected areas with it. Leave it there for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. This is perhaps one of the easiest and time saving procedures to get rid of the irritating pimples.
Take 1 teaspoon of dried yeast and 2 teaspoon of lemon juice. Cleanse your face from the dirt and apply the lotion on your skin. Leave it there until it gets hard. At the end you can either wash it off with warm water or just peel it off.

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