Monday, July 18, 2011

Beauy Mistakes to Avoid - Make-up Tips

Makeup is a way of highlighting your beauty, which should be done properly, and thus we can conclude that it’s not only a daily routine, but a real art. It’s not that you can just throw it on and look amazing, this should be done in a correct way to achieve a shining result. Improper makeup application leads to beauty mistakes, which you should know in advance to avoid later. Learn how to avoid beauty mistakes and get a dazzling, amazing look easily.

Makeup is the way of indicating your natural beauty, as natural beauty has no matches. So while applying makeup, keep in mind not to go too far and create an unnatural look. Learn the following simple rules and get a perfect makeup, drawing all eyes on you.
White neck
One of the most common beauty mistakes among women is applying foundation only on their face area, thus making their neck look whiter and unnatural. To avoid such kind of colored differences, just apply some foundation on your cleavage as well.
Wrong foundation color
Foundation is supposed to harmoniously blend with your skin, so while choosing your foundation color, pay a great attention to your skin tone. The smart investment will be to choose a lighter color in winter, and a darker one in summer. When you are selecting a new foundation, test some on your forehead and jaw line, and make sure that the foundation isn’t visible in comparison with the “naked” area on your face. Remember, that the main task of foundation is to even your skin, and not to serve as a mask. If the foundation you chose is highly visible on your skin, this is not the right texture or color you chose.

Fragrance layering
Every woman strives to always smell good and fresh, but too much fragrance and mixing them will be annoying to people. Try to stick only to one scent. And if you want your fragrance to last long, you can use additional products, such as a shower gel or a body lotion of the same scent and brand.
Not taking eye shape into account
Eye makeup is one of the most important steps of achieving an alluring, marvelous and mysterious look, but one of the common beauty mistakes among women is not taking their eye shape into consideration, when applying makeup. Study your eye shape and learn which type of eye makeup is the best one for you.
Not exfoliating the skin
Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells and traces of makeup, that might make your skin look dead and anesthetic. Exfoliate your skin once a week and apply a good moisturizer afterwards to enhance skin cells regeneration and make it appear smooth and soft.

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