Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paris Hilton “felt ambushed” when GMA reporter asked about her irrelevance - Latest News and Gossips

A few days ago, a useless cokehead dumbass walked out of a Good Morning America interview in a huff. Paris Hilton got her thong in disarrays after ABC correspondent Dan Harris questioned Paris about her irrelevance, citing the Kardashians’ fame as an example of how Paris has been overshadowed in the famewhore game. Paris looked off camera (to her publicist, it seems) and then she got up in a huff, temporarily leaving the interview. She later returned and finished the segment. Now TooFab reports that Paris is all whiny about it, and she thinks she was “ambushed”. Seriously.
Paris Hilton is upset with ABC and correspondent Dan Harris for airing an “Good Morning America” interview that went awry, a source close to the situation tells TooFab exclusively.
The 30-year-old reality TV star walked off set because Harris deviated from the agreed-upon (and very serious) topic of stalking, the source says.
The source says Hilton invited Harris and his camera crew into her home to talk about the recent string of celebrity stalkings. Hilton’s alleged stalker, James Rainford, was recently arrested and charged with attacking her then-boyfriend Cy Waits in April and stalking her outside her home in July.
“Do you worry sometimes that people that have followed in your footsteps like Kim Kardashian are overshadowing you?” Harris asked.
“No, not at all,” Hilton responded.
“Do you worry about your moment having passed?” Harris pressed on, at which point Hilton audibly scoffed and left her chair.
The source says that particular question set Hilton off because just moments prior, Harris had gone on and on about the success (to the tune of $1 billion) of her fragrance lines and merchandising. “It’s ridiculous that he went on an on about her making a billion dollars, and then asking if she’s relevant,” the source added. “She is upset. She felt ambushed.”
The source adds that Hilton resumed the interview after ABC told her they were cutting out the part where she walked away, but they did not. The source also says Hilton feels Harris did this only to get publicity for himself, which he’s now accomplished.
[From Too Fab]
Absolutely. Ridiculous. Paris Hilton was doing a sit-down interview which was being pre-taped (it’s not like this junk was live!), and she was trying to promote her failing reality show which no one cares about. The only way she gets attention anymore is by getting arrested, hooking up with someone major, or being absolutely idiotic (see this post). Instead of being smart enough to say, “Well, I think my multiple successful business interests speak for themselves,” Paris showed her ass and let everyone know that she actually is THAT irrelevant, and she knows it too.
By the way, don’t you love that Paris is calling Dan Harris a famewhore? That’s what she’s saying - “He’s only famous because he asked me a mean question!” It’s called being a half-decent journalist, for the love of God.


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